Xmgt 216 Business Integrity Reflection Essay




Gretchen Allickson

University of Phoenix


Moral values are certainly not something you are born with, but instead something that someone in your life needs to instill in you. So if you learn them from a guardian in the early years or pick them up as you go along, either way meaning values can be a necessary pallet of abilities and expertise to have nowadays. If you do not maintain moral ideals to a large standard, then you definitely will most likely carry out wrong to someone who would not deserve it. Moral values keep let people to trust and maintain other people. Therefore , when you do not need high meaningful values, chances are you are not trustworthy or loved by many persons. These are the individuals who grab, cheat, or harm others; these are those that dedicate their comes from jail or perhaps prison; the folks who generate widespread pain on people who do not ought to have it. You will find countless testimonies that involve someone with little to no meaning standard, causing harm on a great, morally respected person. Have you ever heard of " bad issues happen to good people”? In the latest years, it seems that unjustified acts will be continuously taking place, especially in the business world. Not only do they keep occurring, but are getting more and even more disastrous. It is a slippery slope to be falling downhill about; and it seems that there is not result in sight but.

While i was in high school graduation, I worked well at my tiny town lasagna parlor, known as ‘Jake's Pizza'. I had performed there over two years after i encountered a really unmoral take action committed by one of my own fellow staff. It was a standard day; I actually showed up intended for work and I was making pizzas when the rush hour began. We got swamped, extraordinarily quickly, and most of our purchases were shipping. However , we all only had one delivery driver on hand at that time, therefore the problem has not been that we were busy but rather that we could not get each of our deliveries to the customers in due time. We started to receive grievances that the transport...

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