Us Federal government Limiting Powers Essay

Tony Nguyen

Political Technology 102

Prof. Stoddard


Limiting American Government Electricity

In 1787, fifty five males met in Philadelphia to help form the superb country all of us live in today, called America. The United States of America is the only region to be made based solely on the advancement of person freedom. To achieve freedom, the individuals had to have their particular rights, plus the rights provided to the people had been written around the constitution that has been created by fifty males that met in Phila.. The metabolism allowed individuals in America to obtain their own rights as well as limit government electrical power. It was important that the government had limited power, because with limited electrical power it allowed American citizens to obtain more liberty. A few procession to help reduce the potency of the American government would be the bill of rights, parting of capabilities, and controls. The bill of rights, would be the first ten amendments in the constitution that allow Americans certain privileges that the government cannot remove. Separation of powers divides the government in three branches and gives all of them specific power, these three branches are definitely the legislative part, executive department, and judicial branch. When separation of powers isolates government into three branches, checks and balances limit the three branches powers in order that no part is more robust than the other person. These three doctrines are a few key causes on how the American government power is restricted.

The constitution assists protect American citizens from authorities power by providing us particular rights the fact that government cannot take away. This helps reduce federal government power over American citizens by simply not enabling the government to fully control what American citizens are allowed to do. The first five amendments in the constitution are what help protect Americans from the federal government; these 1st ten changes are what make up the costs of legal rights. In the invoice of the privileges, the ninth...

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