The Sin Bin or Lucy’s Heart Essay

The Sin Trash can or Lucy's Heart

The storyline is about a lady called Sharon Cooke. She is the only person on the university who takes nine o-levels. The story occurs in the detention room, since Lucy the grade A student has bitten a girl. The name of the bitten girl is Dime. Penny and Lucy used to be close friends, but now Lucy got a fresh friend called Bethan. Sharon has changed because of Bethan. Bethan is a difficult girl. It was Bethan whom made Lucy hit Dime as a evaluation to demonstrate Lucy's commitment. Lucy sees that, but she's too afraid to do something about it. Bethan is usually Lucy's position model, and she doesn't want to disappoint her in any way. Sharon is looking forward to the time to move, because Bethan is going to meet her. While Sharon is ready, she feels harmful to Penny, nevertheless on the other way, she wants to be like Bethan. As lesson ended, your woman goes outside the house to meet Bethan, who's proud of what Lucy has done. Location

The Bad thing Bin or Lucy's Cardiovascular is a brief story written by Lucy Mix. The story takes place in the city Cardiff in Wales, for a school in a detention space. The story usually takes only place in the detention room also referred to as " The sin bin", until ultimately where Sharon is going out of the room to satisfy Bethan. Personas

In the story you will find six character types involved in the action. First you will find the main persona Lucy Cooke. Lucy is definitely the only young lady on the college that requires nine O-levels. She has dark brown eyes. Lucy has a very good history. Lucy includes a carrying mother. Site 35, line 13 " My own mother tells me that merely smoke, my own arteries will fur up and I will have a heart attack". That is one of many good examples, which will show that Lucy's mommy want to protect and support her. Inside the story Lucy goes from a good into a bad environment. Lucy can be described as grade Students, and she love to do her homework. Though her marks are still very good, she is getting together with the tough girl Bethan. Bethan the bad effect on Sharon. Before Sharon was a " mom's girl", but now Lucy is smoking cigarettes and putting on makeup, even though...

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