The Gypsy Swing Felines and the Commencing of Brighten Essay

Joshua Pauly

Professor Hsu

Artistic/Cultural Jump Essay

11 April 2013

The Gypsy Swing Cats and the Start of Brighten

On Thursday April tenth I decided to go to the Kaffee Meister Coffeehouse, located at 9225 Carlton Hillsides Blvd Santee Ca. 92071, for the particular reason of enjoying a few Jazz music played by San Diego based Gypsy Swing action Cats. I had been quite impressed with that they performed simply by mixing a dynamic and innovated blend of Golf swing, Jazz, and Blues. From what I seen, their music merges Gypsy melodies and rhythms, together with the influences of yankee Jazz similar to Paris inside the 1930's: amazing, charming, and classy. The music of the Gypsy Swing Cats is definitely thoroughly contemporary infused while using wild, strangely free and exciting Gypsy flavors. The tantalizing melodies of the Gypsy Swing Cats bring the target audience a unique and new experience. Their very rhythmic appear will charge your listening experience with a fresh exciting strength. Gypsy Punk, also known as Gypsy Swing, can be described as musical phrase often thought to have been started out by guitar player Jean " Django" Reinhardt. He was most important amongst several Gypsy guitarists working in and around Rome in the 1930's. The music mixed the exciting sound of American Jazz that transformed the old in the new. The guitarists high performance the music additional by adding Move to the flames and melancholia of the exclusive Gypsy appear. The tantalizing melodies with the Gypsy Swing action Cats bring the audience an exceptional and new experience. My dad is a big fan of Jazz music and he played that a lot around me while i was growing up, although I never truly paid attention to this or who have the famous artists of the genre were. Yep, this Punk music was and still is extremely soothing to my mind, nevertheless I just individually never had any travel to listen to that on my own. Following Hearing The Gypsy Swing Cats' band play this kind of genre of music that we was not incredibly familiar with, Choice to embark on a trip of learning about something new to add to my...

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