Essay on The Count of Monte Cristo and Low income

The World Extensive Issue of Poverty

Lower income is a huge issue. Too many people will be suffereing from this. How can world

fix this issue? In The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexander Dumas, lower income was likewise an

issue, it's a horrible factor and nobody really knows what its like until they will experince this.

In the novel, Meters. Dantes (Edmond's father) perished from misery. Like the quote said,

" a wondering dog finds someone to throw him a crust of loaf of bread. ” That is why poverty

is usually an issue that may be easily resolved in the U. S. If the nation had more animal shelters and food for poor

and people trying to give back, the poverty level would be decrease.

80 percent of people in the U. S i9000 are suffering from poverty.

people are dying because they dont have food to enjoy. What does that say anout America? Just how

can the nation generate that percentage go down? The federal government is really the biggest hope. Probably

later on they will recognize how many of their own folks are suffering.

In the Count number of Monte Cristo book, Edmond Dantes was the majority of impacted by poverty

mainly because if his father was still being alive when he came back through the Chateau D'if maybe he'd

have more leaniant in regards to revenge. Regardless if M. Dantes lived a more oppulant life, he

still could have been taken from malnourishment. He would have starved himself because of the

loneliness and heart break. The effect of M. Dantes dieing via starvation was Edmond

turning out to be even more infuriated and even more hungry for payback.

Lower income can come in two forms, not eating because of greif or lonlieness, or not eating

because the person doesnt have kind of reasources they need to be fed. Climate that always be mon-

-ey or clean water to consume. In M. Dantes case, it was solitude.

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