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Chapter 3

Administration and Corporation Evaluation

This chapter shows the administration and corporation evaluation which will composes with the form of organization organization, organizational structure, personnel qualification, staff duties and responsibilities and personnel wage structure.

three or more. 1 Type of Business Corporation

The company works as a small scale single proprietorship and is manned primarily simply by 20 regular employees. Contractual staff is definitely hired depending on volume of with regard to products created. The plant runs on a single shift, that is, eight hours per day. The owner may be the president with the company. It can be in the form of sole or single proprietorship since they tend to become a small-typed business. The owner is the only prone to all the earnings, absorb all losses and is solely accountable for all financial obligations of the business.

a few. 2 Organizational Structure (Chart)

The business' organizational structure shows the designations plus the line of authority of the people involved in the business activities that happen to be ranked according to the level of responsibilities.

Figure one particular Organizational Framework

Figure one particular shows the organizational composition of the company. This includes the individuals who are liable in the procedure and activities of the center. The company structure will help in making the flow of authority and responsibilities be placed in an orderly manner. several. 3 Workers Qualification

Staff qualifications refer to the specific qualification that each with the employees should certainly obtain in order to perform the duties and responsibilities given to all of them at their utmost extent. President/Owner

Must be a graduate of Bachelors degree in any Management courses. Must have at least 5 years and over experience in managerial positions. Mentally and physically fit.

Versatile, responsible, possess a leadership skills, radiant, and open-minded Male or Female

Managers(General and Operation)

Must be a...

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