Study: Lodge and General Manager Dissertation

Case Study —— Service Quality at the Excelsior Hotel

Kristen Adams had recently transferred to the Excelsior Lodge to improve the level of customer service. The girl had been together with the company pertaining to five years and had recently been quite powerful in increasing the level of customer satisfaction at the two previous resorts to which she had been assigned. Kristen understood that the Excelsior was going to be a real challenge. The combo of organization was 60 percent individual transient friends and 45 percent group business. On this group organization, about one-third was motor coach tour groups.

On her first day on the job, the lady witnessed a significant sight. There was a type of about twenty guests ready to check in when two motor mentors arrived and even more than 85 additional guests and tutorials walked in to the lobby to evaluate in. Needless to say, the two the front desk providers had a look of dread in their eyes as they worked diligently to procedure the registrations for those ready to check in. Some forty five minutes later on, everyone have been checked in, but the standard manager thought to Kristen, " I'm pleased that you are right here; we need to work out a better system. Let's meet up with for lunch break tomorrow to discuss your preliminary ideas. ” Kristen acquired just acquired a coop to start thinking ideas to show the general supervisor when a guest approached her desk.

" Hello, i am Bill Promote, and I stayed at your lodge last night with my family. We did not have a good knowledge, and I need to tell you about it. I would like to make sure that that is not happen again, to me or perhaps anyone else. ” Mr. Promote then proceeded to tell Kristen his accounts of the occasions. " I had been traveling with my wife and our son, who is four years old. The connecting airline flight was delayed, so we all did not reach our final destination until 12 p. meters. The Excelsior had an promoted check-in center at the airport, and I thought that I would have the ability to secure my own room while waiting for the baggage. When I got into contact with the employee in the hotel's airport terminal facility, I...

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