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Faith is one of the prevalent culture situations in the human society which affects the society in each field, including ideology, aesthetic suggestions and habits. The faith has developed for hundreds of years; while using active interaction between East and American cultures, the tourism are triggered with all the religion pursuits like Buddha or perhaps Hajj (Amanda 2001). The architecture and sculpture of faith also entice the common travelers strongly. The religion could possibly be exchanged to cultural travel resources and the tourism may also promote developing and growing religion culture. China is a historic country with a extended feudal period, which provides the ideal political environment for faith development. The Chinese religion culture contains Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christian and other unique religious culture. But as a result of limited travel development time, the rich religious traditions resources are not exploited flawlessly (Xiaofei 2009). Therefore , from this essay, the Chinese religious culture will probably be expressed for example to analyze the relationships among religion and culture travel, the current faith culture tourism situation as well as the methods to enhance the religion culture tourism in China.

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1 . Exactly what the human relationships between spiritual culture and tourism? installment payments on your Why is the top to promote the religion traditions tourism? three or more. What is the present religion traditions tourism condition in Cina? 4. Any kind of suggestions in promoting the Oriental religion lifestyle tourism?

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Planning: Current Scenario of Oriental religious travel and leisure projects Publisher: Huiyi Cao


Faith based culture tourism always turns into the development hot-spots in every area as a result of rich travel resources and stable market. In this dissertation, the trends and features of...

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