Roles with the Accounting Officer-Kenya Essay

Go over roles, difficulties and advice of the accounting officer independent of the committees.

We all make reference to the two Harambee Sacca and Ministry of Drinking water and Water sources procurement testimonials


Accounting officer means

a) for the public business other than a nearby authority, the individual appointed by the Permanent Admin to the Treasury as the accounting expert or, if you have no this sort of person, the primary executive from the public organization; or b)for a local specialist, the town or county attendant of the local authority;

The key Secretary for the Treasury in person appoints Permanent Secretaries by letter being responsible for the financial supervision of the Ministry's Votes. This therefore causes them to be personally accountable and responsible to Legislative house on the usage of the same. The Accounting Expert has the power of summoning virtually any officer to whom he features delegated authority to in person account for disbursement/commitment of public funds in case wastage and misuse is suspected.


Section 28 (2) of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act gives that the Accounting Officer shall be primarily responsible for ensuring that the procuring organization fulfils their obligations in the implementation with the provisions with the Act;

The Accounting Officer of any Public Business has the overall responsibility to get the execution of the procurement process inside the public entity, and specifically, amongst other stuff shall be responsible for:

a)Ensuring that heads of procuring entities within the purview of the public entity shall comply with the provisions under the Procurement and Disposal Act and the Polices; b)Ensuring that procuring organizations establish a sensitive committee according to the Public Procurement and Removal Act plus the Regulations; c)Ensuring that procuring entities set up a procurement product staffed to a appropriate level with purchase professionals; d)Signing...

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