Essay about Symbolic interaction

Symbolic Interaction Approach

From the sunshine there grew a beautiful blossom that experienced the magic ability to heal people. An evil woman located the flower and hid it from your rest of the world for her personal selfish desires. Every time she would sing a certain song towards the flower it could make her young once again. Over and over again for hundreds of years she would reverse time to make very little young and fabulous.

Within a kingdom not far away from the bad woman and her mysterious plant, there was clearly a full and california king. The princess or queen was about to deal with a child and became deathly sick. So the kingdom went out in search to find the magic flower. After they found that they required it back to the queen and she was cured. Your woman then birthed a little lady with fabulous long blonde hair. Her hair comprised the same special abilities the flower did. They named her Rapunzel.

The bad woman was outraged. The girl went out to get the new created princess with all the long marvelous blonde hair. When she found her it was during nighttime and the infant was sleeping in her crib. In her rage, she grabbed the queen up and scurried off into the night time. She then locked her away in a tall structure deep in the woods wherever no one could ever find her. For the next eighteen years Rapunzel and the female she thinks is her mother live.

All of Rapunzel's life her " mother” instills into her that she is never to leave the tower. " The world is known as a bad place, ” her mother would tell her. But , when your woman encounters an additional human the first time ever, using the talking about the earth and how amazing it is. She wondered how something may be amazing just like the guy experienced described, and awful just like her mother told her. The girl was baffled and planned to find out intended for herself. When the opportunity came about to break out of the castle with the unfamiliar person, she got it. Rapunzel knew how dangerous it might be and that there would be consequences on her behalf actions. Why did she do it? How come did the man have another type of opinion about the world...

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