Table Tennis Essay

Contreras, Charlene S.

1 . What is the governing human body of ping pong?

International Table Tennis FederationВ

installment payments on your Who will be the officials entail?

* Competition Referee.

* Umpires

* Assistant Umpire

3. Responsibilities of officials.

Tournament Referee

The role of the tournament referee differs extensively from one Connection to another and from one competition to another.

For one serious he or she is linked to every part of the organization, via drafting the entry kind to planning the finals.

With the other serious, the referee appears just on the day from the tournament solely to decide any question of rule meaning.

Within the previous couple of years the situation has been complicated by the practice of appointing a competition manager for major tournaments, such as Pro Tour competitions.

It is common to find one or more deputy referees, who also exercise the authority with the referee in defined techniques.

For example, they may be required simply to take those referee's place in his or her lack, to be responsible for particular issues, such as the legitimacy of apparel and products, or to take charge of a particular area, like a separate playing hall.

It is essential to get the referee and the deputies to consent at the start of the competition what their obligations will be.

The goal of every referee must be to make certain the event for which she or he is responsible profits according to plan, completely compliance with the relevant rules and without incident.

This ideal situation seldom takes place and the authentic test of the referee's capacity is the way in which he or she deals with problems.

The referee's task is usually to listen to the various points of watch and then to create, and to keep to, the fairest possible decision.


For every match there is an umpire, whose main duty should be to decide the effect of each rally.

In principle, the umpire does not have any discretionary powers, but he can required to workout judgment in applying...

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