Essay about Operational Environment

It is very important that commanders and leaders possess a comprehensive understanding of their respective energetic Operational Environment (OE) to be able to efficiently employ available resources to achieve the preferred end state. Understanding the physical environment, the state of governance, technology, local solutions and the lifestyle of the neighborhood populace is absolutely vital and failure for this leaves very little chance for achievement. When considering the OE the following factors need to be examined; ideology, religion, race, ethnicity, nationalism and physiological needs. Obtaining the necessary data will only be achieved as a result of a time consuming procedure that entails speaking with associates of the community governance as well as the local inhabitants of which patience is paramount. Given our current Modern Operational Environments (COE) of Iraq and Afghanistan one of the most important factor to comprehend is faith. It is very important that commanders have a thorough understanding of the required end condition which is to rebuild the country and not force american culture after them along the way. Agreeing with their culture or beliefs is usually inconsequential. Commanders at all amounts are required to ensure that this kind of end express is clearly stated and understood simply by everyone by any means levels in order to show the neighborhood populace which can be intentions are clear and this our efforts are sincere.

According to FM 3-0 the OEM should be examined utilizing the following interrelated detailed variables; personal, military, monetary, social, details, infrastructure, physical environment and time (PMESII-PT). These parameters provide a perspective of the detailed environment that emphasizes its human aspects. It is suggested that whenever possible commanders and staff utilize professionnals in each variable in order to improve examination. The political analysis as well addresses the result of will certainly. Will is the primary intangible factor it motivates participants to sacrifice to...

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