Essay about non-profit Firm


Try to produce profit to back up their operation and account its objective



Need to define the unique benefits to become offered and communicated for the donors


CSR system of corporate and business (show the differentiation point) message


Fundraising pertaining to donation still have more opportunity for the organization. Annual fund is attractive?

Special events?


Extend the strategy of corporate donations

Cause-related promoting – spending budget constraint????

Background of the business (1/2 page)

History ( Non-financial Objectives) Mick

1 ) What is your accurate inspiration to get started on up the idea of helping impaired people? 2 . Any story to tell? Virtually any struggles?

three or more. What is you company aim and perspective?

4. What/How is the plan to achieve that objective

The organization was established in 1993 with the key objective to support sightless people to be employed in order to take care of themselves rather than being a burden on other folks in the society, at least, like the actual had been regarded as a guttersnipe. Making them among normal individuals that can live ordinarily in the society like anybody otherwise. It began from only teaching sightless people to carry out traditional medical therapy and extended their skills and vocations to different area which include providing all of them an education. The inspiration came the owner him self, since he was the first blind people who get the regal scholarship to analyze abroad. Consequently , his target in life to back up blind people in every method he can. After he graduated, he received selected while the chief executive of Thai association of the blind for 3 years and established the building blocks for the employment campaign of the sightless. According to the owner's beliefs that blind persons can sense from pressing better that normal persons and this the key reason why he selected Thai therapeutic massage as the first priority job for blind people in the organization. Chief executive of Thai Blind Union

Committee of hosting World Blind Union General Assemblage on 9th November 2012

Organization Structure ( Non-financial Objectives) (1/2 page) Committee

* one particular president

* 6 users


* 1 p'maam (General Manager)

* 8 adults are the personnel which included sightless people who volunteer to be the personnel here and also the massager (Admin) * four hundred blind persons at the training course outside bkk area

Information of organization ( nonfinancial Objectives) (1/2 page) 5. What does this do

* What are the product/ assistance

* Sales (now and previously)

2. Company goal (market-related)

Business Description & Key Specific Characteristic (OFCOURSE NOT YET) your five. Can you explain about your organizational structure?

six. Apart from supporting blind persons by teaching them to possess professions, will there be any other product/service you give? 7. Could you describe sales model of the company?

almost eight. What are the factors that impact your sales strategy?

Key Competition (Mick) (1 page)

being unfaithful. How do organizations compete from this business?

a. Compete for money

b. Remain competitive for workplace

c. Contend with blind organization

The company recognized their direct competitors because the for-profit Thai therapeutic massage that assistance by regular people, because the consumers usually do not trust the standard of massage by simply blind people. Moreover, for-profit Thai massage therapy have more comfort location, which usually scope down their customer base to the buyer who work with their assistance, because of the charite. In term of money monetary gift, the company simply cannot compete royal supported firm, since the contributor cannot decrease tax by donating for the company, which can be the non-royal supported firm. Donors as well concern regarding the openness of the non-royal supported corporation. These are why the company simply cannot attract anything donors bar from their companies. There is no competition between every single blind business in term users and the service that provided by the users, since there is also a Thai connection of the impaired, which...

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