Essay regarding My Glare on Living Downstream: a great Ecologist Examines Cancer and the Envorinment


The purpose of this kind of paper is always to reflect on Sandra Steingraber's book, Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Malignancy and the Environment. I will take a look at Sandra Steingraber's compilation of scientific studies that link environmental pollution, toxic contamination and toxicity to various types of cancers in humans and in pets or animals as well. I will also talk about my personal judgment of the book, how my thinking and perspective is promoting as a result of this guide, and the importance and worth of educating yourself by examining books similar to this.


My Reflections on Living Downstream: A great Ecologist

Looks at Cancer plus the Environment

Sandra Steingraber, a great acclaimed ecologist, biologist, writer, and malignancy survivor features spent years educating others on the environmental factors that contribute to reproductive : health problems and various types of cancers. Her book entitled Living Downstream, which was initially published in 1997, was one of the first literature to bring with each other the data on environmental toxicity and the info on cancer incidences in order to expose virtually any patterns which may exists. The result is an challenging personal narrative, in which Steingraber breaks down loads of scientific data and medical literature in an quickly comprehendible research of the relationship between environmental factors such as the food we all ingest, water we drink, and atmosphere that we inhale, and the land on which we live and work, to cancers of all kinds. The publication begins by paying homage to Rachel Carson, a wildlife biologists and creator of Quiet Spring that was published in 1962. Carson's work, much like Steingraber's, pioneered the discussions surrounding chemical pollutants and the environment. Carson seemed the security alarm to the notorious DDT, which has been banned a few years after. No doubt, Steingraber was affected by the writings of Carson. But I think that her true motivation for writing such a cautionary book...

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