Media hypocrisy Essay

IDS 301 Press Culture

Jolita V

Response paper

doze October, 2012

Media hypocrisy

There is no doubt that the media is a primary supply of information that in fact currently overloads the average person with various data on a daily basis. The media have been always a tool of spreading the news, irrespective of good or bad, inside the shortest possible time to the general public. Possibly nowadays while using revolutionary creation and expansion of the technology the mass media has become incredibly influential through its supply to the people and its particular various types of tools for sharing info. Thus, in some manner we won't be able to even prevent certain types of press because they may have become a a part of our dial survival. They have created many ways of how to reach the audience. We can now hear or read or perhaps see the same information in the home, on the road, inside our car, in a café or maybe where. In regards of this you will find the general opinion that the media in a direct or roundabout way handles people's lives and provides enormous affect of how persons perceive themselves, the others plus the environment they will live in. Nevertheless , it has been always questionable the reliability with the information the fact that media stocks and shares. Quite often the population has discussed this subject whether we can rely on the media plus the information that they share to us. Therefore in real people start to believe they can't rely on the information the media stocks and shares with them, because very often that info is prejudiced, unreliable and too much disguised. There are many factors and significant researches that support this thesis. In reality according to Djankov, Nenova, Mcliesh and Shleifer in whose analysis they have collected various data about the media coming from 97 countries and has come to very stunning results that indicate that the majority of the mass media is being manipulated and therefore their particular information is been viewed as not so trustworthy. The research demonstrated that the majority of the media is in fact government possessed in a...

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