Mba 3 Sem Dissertation

Fall/August 2012

Expert of Business Administration -- MBA Semester 3 MK0011 – Consumer Behaviour -- 4 Credit Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Notice: Each question carries 12 Marks. Response all the questions. Queen. 1 Exactly what are the different social class groups in India? What is the effect of interpersonal class in consumer actions?

Q. two

Discuss the many bases of market segmentation.

Q. three or more An innovation might are unsuccessful if it is not really communicated properly". Do you acknowledge? Give reasons quoting real world examples

Queen. 4

Discuss three part models of behaviour. What is the relevance of the model to advertising objectives?

Q. a few

Explain the VALS theory with appropriate examples talking about each type of consumer.

Q. 6

How important is responses, in a connection process? Go over McGuire's Style.

Fall/August 2012

Master of Business Supervision - MBA Semester three or more

MK0011 – Consumer Behaviour - 4 Credits Assignment Set- two (60 Marks) Note: Each question holds 10 Signifies. Answer the questions. What is buyer involvement? Precisely what is the significance of split-brain theory towards the concept of customer behaviour? Discuss Freudian theory of individuality. Give functional examples wherever possible

Q. one particular

Q. two

Q. three or more

Discuss the stages in adoption process. What are prevalent barriers to adoption new items?

Q. four

Mention significant memory concepts that are relevant to marketers

Q. 5

Precisely what are the popular setting approaches that companies work with? Give good examples.

Q. six

Who are opinion commanders in the circumstance of marketing and what are their particular characteristics? Just how can opinion frontrunners differ from all those on who they have effect?

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