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Introduction to Faith and Culture3




Creatures and maintenance of the Island5

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Mauritius is a small paradise island situated in the Indian Marine. This small island of pleasure lies a couple of, 400 kms away from the southern region east coast of The african continent due east of Madagascar. The volcanic and mountainous island means 2, 040 square kms. Now considered to be an unique beach vacation spot, the island lies north from the Tropic of Capricorn and has become a impressive piece of geography as it was previously a volcano. Comprising of any total of 13 beach locations each appropriate with white-colored powder sand and blue crystal water to complement, the Mauritius beach locations are just an element of what this tropical isle has to offer. The vast inhabitants inhabited in this small tropical isle embraces many different ethnic teams. The Republic of Mauritius's residents are definitely the descendants of people from India, Continental The african continent, France and China.

Introduction to Religion and Culture

Mauritius is truly a mixture of diverse religions and Nationalities, These distinct cultures and religions attended from there zuzugler population who brought with them their very own ancestral history. Mauritius traditions also tries to encourage ‘Harmonious Separatism' meaning communal associations within Mauritius.


At the moment in Mauritius most of the region is of a Hindu faith. The facts and Figure with the countries beliefs is Hindu 48%, Roman Catholic twenty three. 6%, additional Christian almost eight. 6%, Muslim 16. 6%, other installment payments on your 5%, Unspecified 0. 3%, non-e zero. 2%.

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Festivities occur frequently in Mauritius and all have a peaceful and harmonist meaning within them. A good example of this is displayed below;


This festival is recognized in January/ February. Bodies are pierced with tiny needles as well as tongues and cheeks being punctured with hooks. This is practised by Devotees being put into a ‘trance' and transporting ‘Cavadi' on the shoulders since penitence.

This Cavadi is known as a wooden posture which has blossoms attached. It also has a container of dairy at each end attached.


The so-called festival of lights is definitely carried out inside the months of October and November. That's where small clay-based lamps are lined in walls and fences. These become lit up at sunset. The Fantastic light which is achieved can be considered a guide from the Goddess to wealth, achievement and good fortune.

Divali can be considered the success of Truth (Light) above ignorance (Darkness). In Mauritius this celebration is a time of joy and sharing.

Dad Lavel

This is certainly a huge event within the Tradition and History of Mauritius. Just about every 9th of September, Mauritius's of all faiths walk or perhaps drive to the tomb from the blessed Jacques desire Laval in Dock Louis. The idea in pere Laval, who powers of healing will be attributed, reminds the Mauritian people of the Lourdes pilgrimage in France.

Ganesh Chaturthi

This can be celebrated on the 4th working day of the Lunar month of August/September simply by Hindus in honour with the birth of Ganesh.

Spring Festival

The Chinese language New Year is usually celebrated upon different days and nights every year. Homes are cleaned before along with no cutlery or scissors being used on the day of the festivity. Red is additionally the main symbol of the event as it represents happiness. Finally firecrackers happen to be sent of in order to drive away the evil spirits.


This is the Teluga New Year which can be celebrated in March


Predominately Creole is the main voiced language within Mauritius however The French vocabulary predominates the media, and English is the official vocabulary of the Government's and universities.

Phillip Baker and Philip stein, Scholar's have identified that Mauritius's people see English because the language of " Knowledge”, French with " Culture” and Creole...

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