Marketing Strategy of Cadbury Article


* Exec summery

5. Company Analysis

* Buyer Analysis

2. Competitor Examination

* SWOT analysis

2. Pest examination

* Market segmentation

* Selected online marketing strategy (4Ps)

* Short and long discharge

* Bottom line

Executive summery

Cadbury India is a foodstuff company with interests in some chocolate confectionery, milk food refreshments, snacks, and candy. Cadbury is the marketplace leader in some chocolate. confectionery business with a business over 70%. Some of the key brands of Cadbury are Cadbury dairy dairy, 5 legend, Perk, Eclairs, Celebration, Lure, and Gemstones, In milk food beverages segment, Cadbury's main merchandise –Bournvita is the leading malted meals Drink in the Country.

* Promote three kinds of confectionery: chocolate, gum and candy 2. Operates in over 60 countries.

* 35000 direct and indirect suppliers

* 187 years old

2. 45000 people are employed

Business Analysis

The organization

* Parent company: Cadbury plc

2. Indian subsidiary: Cadbury india ltd (CIL)

* Cadbury is the worlds no one particular confectionery organization and is 2 hundred years small.....

The mission

Mission- " Cadbury in every pocket”

Organization analysis

Business: chocolate

Consumer Analysis

Buyer decision making process

Competitor evaluation

1 . Cadbury- Cadbury, 5Star, Bytes (chocolate snacks) Celebration, Dairy milk, Gems, perk 2 . Nestle- Barone, kitkate, milky club, munch, nestle

3. Amul- amul (choco zoo, chocomines)

4. Dairy milk is a market leader

5. a few star- (heritage brand which came to India in 1969) has a business of above 14%

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis


* Most respected Internally while the best chocolate service provider in the world. * The brand is well known to people & they can easily identify this from other folks * Cadbury the world head in chocolate, is actually a well known power in advertising distribution 5. Users have got a positive perception about the quantities of the trademark * Cadbury has well adjusted on its own to Indian custom.


2. There is lack of penetration in the rural market where people tend to write off it as being a high end Product, it is primarily found in downtown and semi- urban areas. 2. It has been fairly high priced Brand, which is turning the price conscious customer aside. * People avoid having their chocolates thinking about the egg ingredients


5. The chocolate market have been one of the greatest raises in the recent years (almost @30%) * There may be lot of potential for growth and huge population whom do not eat chocolates even today that can be transformed as new users.


5. There from the no brand loyalty inside the chocolate industry and consumers frequently change their company * New brands are coming and existing brands are presenting new versions to add to a great already overloaded market.



5. Political decisions can affect Cadbury's these can end up being either advantages or drawbacks, if fees increases, therefore consumers reduce and sales of share decreases, however is taxes decrease the likelihood is consumers will acquire more. 5. The government is very concerned about obesity heart issue costing the NHS more each year


2. If the Lowest wage was brought down, this would mean more money pertaining to Cadbury's but would also result in, low sales through the consumers. * The interest prices can come with an affect in Cadbury's. in the event the interest rates had been high in that case Cadbury probably would not want to borrow as much money intended for expansion


5. Trend in snacking- increase in people eating on the ‘go' (vending machines) * Neighborhood residents with small Businesses close to Cadbury's sides would take advantage of the money that may be being introduced by site visitors. * More people are health-conscious –will browse ingredient content.


* Better tools

* Expense of machinery

2. New machines

* Protection...

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