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02 Marks & Spencer Lasting Construction Biodiversity GuideForeword Steve Fuller

Biodiversity is vital pertaining to current and future man wellbeing. The United Nations reported 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity; a global advertising campaign to motivate action to safeguard the special natural riches on which we all depend.

How we design and style, procure and create our retailers has a direct impact on the environment and its fragile ecosystems. As being a responsible merchant, we recognise the importance of protecting, and where likely, enhancing the environments by which we trade.

This guide have been developed to aid us clarify our aspirations and focal points when considering biodiversity. It describes a variety of solutions and explains the benefits and risks associated with them. Even though it is not intended that this can be an inclusive list, it provides an overview for those who desire to find out more about the subject.

All of us recognise that lots of of these alternatives will not give a commercial repayment. Having committed in Strategy A to introduce biodiversity audits and action programs for significant store building projects by 2011, we will need to measure the potential range for each structure.

We meet your reviews and look toward continuing to work together to shield our surrounding.

Steve Fuller

Mind of Construction and Retail outlet Architecture

Sustainable Construction Biodiversity Guide Represents & Bradzino 03Foreword Dirty Gedge

I welcome a chance to write a simple introduction to the M& S Sustainable Construction Biodiversity Information.

Over the last several years, I have been in discussion with M& T regarding the mainstreaming of biodiversity as part of reaching a lower ecological footprint. There is always the potential for turmoil between creation and characteristics conservation, however , the created environment provides real options for a variety of wildlife.

Market commanders such as M& S could be standard bearers to ensure that the entire business community steps up a gear and embraces the need for good ecological design. In doing so , both equally business needs and the needs from the natural globe can be put together.

This guide is an important component to that method. The fact that M& S has taken this step will assist you to ensure that consultants, designers and employees include a tool that embeds biodiversity into the environmental fabric coming from all store improvements and modernisations.

Businesses can deliver tangible benefits to biodiversity, whether this is through ecological landscaping, green roofs or habitat dotacion in other forms. I am certain that this guide will lead to the creation of...

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