Kudler Gourmet Information System Analysis Dissertation

Kudler's Fine Foods Info System

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College or university of Phoenix, arizona

BSA/310 – Business Systems

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The management of Kudler's Gourmet is interested in integrating technology into their organization operations. Kudler's Fine Foods Administration has appointed an accounting firm to look into their particular information system and provide them with a brief showing how to put into practice the required changes to this. The management of Kudler's Fine Foods thinks that an upgrade of the details system they currently have would advantage their accounting operations.

The accounting firm found out many issues in the current details system for Kudler's Fine Foods. While investigating Kudler's Excellent Foods' key business and accounting requirements, it was determined that they are requiring many alterations. The main items that need to be addressed are: Kudler's Fine Foods demands someone to assist with purchasing and accounting, They also need a plan for keeping money in the stores safely to get rid of extra charges incurred by the bank delivering money to each store daily, and the shops need to be network together by use of pcs to alleviate the advantages of Kathy to make trips to each store. Kudler's Fine Foods can help you money by making changing a number of the day to day activities. Purchasing a large period lock safe for each shop and not having the local financial institution deliver funds daily could save money from your bank charges. Each store could make a nightly deposit from the product sales and keep a small amount of cash in the drawers. This will vastly reduce the chances of robbery and it would also produce accounting for money easier. Next, Kudler's Fine Foods could hire or enhance someone to support do the ordering as well as check the inventory. This may allow Kathy to just review orders and present the final approval on them every week before they may be sent out towards the supplier. Seeing that taking purchasing and products on hand checking out of Kathy's hands would give her extra time, your woman could...

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