Helicopter Test Essay

Karan Madan IB Physics SL Sam Edgecombe 2012. '04. 22


Paper Heli-copter Experiment

Advantages: The conventional paper helicopter try things out involves creating a daily news helicopter and by changing a particular variable acquire data for any selected variable. The essential part in this functional is to strategy the try things out in detail to be able to obtain considerable data. Firstly we have to discover our manipulated variables which will be kept continuous throughout the try things out. By carrying out this sensible it is suitable that learners become familiar with the basic concepts of experimental preparing, design and analysis. Most importantly, the medical method should become familiar with by the learners. Research issue: How does the time taken to get a paper heli, dropped from a specific elevation above the floor, aimed to reach the ground, depend upon a change in mass? Quite simply, for simplification, how does an alteration in mass of a newspaper helicopter affect the time used for the bird to reach walk out from a certain height? Device: п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· Stop watch Thick cards paper (card stock) Daily news clips Scissors Pen Strapping Measuring tape (metric ruler)

Variables: Independent variable: The independent adjustable, the thing I will change through the entire experiment, will be the mass with the helicopter. This will likely be done by adding paper fasteners to the butt of the helicopter. By adding mass the dependent variable will probably be affected. The mass of each paperclip needs to be measured on the scale, after which be documented. 7 different masses, of the helicopter naturally , should be applied. This will make a large range of data which will be very good when planning to make some form of conclusion. So essentially mass is included into the helicopter as the number of paperclips increase. Handled variable(s): These are the factors that I possess chosen to continue to keep constant over the experiment: п‚· Distance (height) from which the bird is dropped

The same length from which the bird is lowered, in relation to the ground, should be maintained the same for every single trial performed, throughout the try things out. A minimum height for discharge of the heli-copter is two meters over ground level. The peak of launch should be noted with the aid of a measuring strapping.

Karan Madan IB Physics SL Sam Edgecombe 2012. 04. twenty-two п‚· Newspaper helicopter


The same heli should be applied throughout the try things out. It is necessary to be consistent with this kind of variable since a change in helicopter will certainly produce sporadic results. If, however , the bird breaks down and crashes with no hope penalized restored to its total potential, an identical replica must be made making use of the same sort of paper with the exact same proportions. Therefore , continue to keep spare documents in the case in which this horrible event arises. п‚· Paperclips

The same type of paperclips needs to be used at all times during the test. This will create a linear increase in mass from the helicopter, and also create very good data which conclusions can be drawn from. п‚· Indoors

The experiment should be conducted in the house where there is no wind. This will lead to more accurate results. In the event that done outdoor, wind and many other crucial factors need to be included. It is highly recommended to accomplish this test indoors. п‚· Angle in the rotor blades (helicopter wings)

The perspective of the heli wings ought to be maintained precisely the same throughout the research. This is made by taping an element of the helicopter side to the heli body (see picture on next page). This will help to hold the same perspective throughout, and therefore result in the fact that helicopter will certainly travel with the same circular rotation. Reliant variable: The variable that is to be measured is the time used for the paper heli-copter to reach walk out (the floor). This will be achieved by purely applying the stated manipulated variables. Because the helicopter can be dropped from a specific level, a person should start the stopwatch, and as soon since it...

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