Executive Overview Canyon Hacienda Essay

Business summary

Based on the case, we can found the Canyon Ranch is one of the best resorts in US; they have enough lengthy history and encounter, also have their own special solutions. They also care about their client very well. However , in the THAT area, that still has space to improve. The first thing is to reduce the cost. Gosier Ranch has 2 . 5: 1 staff-to-guest ratio, additionally, it was the advantage in competition. But this will likely cost excessive, Canyon Farm can use the knowledge technology to decrease the amount of ecuries. Some companies can be done by computer like registration or remind services, sometimes, the guest desire their level of privacy space, at this time the Encolure Ranch will need to offer guests options to take pleasure from their exclusive time. In another aspect, the knowledge system may help the employees to manage the profile of the customers. If the customer checking out in the resort, the system will certainly tell the preferences of every customer towards the service provider quickly. These info of personal preferences can also help the Canyon Hacienda provides much more projects that fit can be. For the newest customers, it will have a survey program to get the fundamental preferences. Generally there should have some self-service devices to provide arrange service to the shoppers, to help them book the private spa service by their own. It will cure the cost of Gosier Ranch and increase the effectiveness. It also can attract more customers to Canyon Ranch again. Another problem in Encolure Ranch may be the separating program. The CLS system is the core system that operates the whole business, but the Guestware and DETRAS software simply cannot connect to the core system. So the prepare above cannot be implementing till this use problem fixed. The good news is the Canyon Farm owned the origin code of CLS program, and it might be customized quickly. Canyon Farm should assist the develop company of CLS to customize the system. When the Guestware and POS join the core system, the managers could understand...

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