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Reviews on N. O Cruz, Teaching & Learning

One of the descriptive meanings of teaching suggested by B. O Cruz is, ‘Teaching is Success' where " teaching is the fact which results in learning. ” Though it is considered as a drawback, in which students are only here (at schools or in classes) to learn and teachers are fully dependable in the teaching and learning processes, we have to realise that teaching can be described as social method because the teaching are influenced by the personal and cultural backgrounds from the country. It varied the means to match the with country's principle and metabolism. Whereas In my opinion teaching is somewhat more of a means of observing, planning, interacting and affecting colleagues, and over and above the function of student-teacher context. As well as, if teaching is meant to achieve your goals, what about failing? Aren't all of us bound to have failures upon something? Is it doesn't process that matters in real-teaching as Lieu noir Powell stated, ‘There are no secrets to success. Is it doesn't result of planning, hard work, and learning from inability. ' Who have are all of us without the teacher? She or he is the very person who teaches us ‘ambiguous' contribution called know-how and expertise. The term ‘defining teaching just like imparting, understanding, and skill are often ambiguous' is only trying to find the right phrase or normal parameter. It really is simple with regard to formality (or just getting too scientific), but we cannot deny ourselves through the reality the real meaning of teaching is a interpersonal process offering the students equipment to live also to overcome virtually any situation that may arise now and then. " The teacher who walks inside the shadow with the temple, between his supporters, gives not really of his wisdom but instead of his faith fantastic lovingness. In the event that he is certainly wise this individual does not put money you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather prospects you to the threshold of your own mind. ” – Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

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