EPFE 201 Midterms Article

EPFE 201

Midterm options

1 . Create a new class

Create a class intended for high school students to adopt that combines the concepts of Pink's A Whole Fresh Mind with any philosophical tradition we now have studied. For instance , how might a category integrate the concept of design with the perennial concepts in math? How might sympathy re-conceptualize a great idealist record course?

Write down thier course information for the students you create. Your program description must include the following: 1) A course name that includes the style from AWNM

2) A brief introduction for the course and the AWNM concept that drives the curriculum 3) A summary of this content and skills (at least 5) which will be covered and the traditional philosophical frame (see Oregon State website) which has been re-conceptualized 4) A summary of the ways students will probably be assessed to get mastery with this material 5) 12 rehabilitation. font, twice space, checked out for proficient grammar, transliteration, punctuation


Integrating diverse units of expertise and knowledge into a program is how District 123 illustrates their commitment to symphonic learning. This course produces our S i9000. C. U. B. A. certification program from the RAPID CLIMAX PREMATURE CLIMAX, department and our your life sciences curriculum in an attempt to enhance global preservation awareness. Accelerating and Essentialist teaching philosophies are given a 21st century upgrade through the interconnectivity of multiple life-skills emphasized by the new symphonic-learning model. College students will initial become accredited divers with just all L. A. M. I. class room requirements through the first month. Concepts such as buoyancy control, the physics of S i9000. C. U. B. A, diver protection, equipment function and repair, and aquatic rescue will probably be covered. Competence will be examined by passing the Open Water Qualification Dive in Navy Boat dock (a sunken-wreck dive to adhere to the exam). �

The second part of the program covers coral reefs reef ecology. Students is going to study the organization of coral reefs, reefs...

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