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Technician requirements in civil architectural works will be growing everyday. Builders, Real estate property owners require number of technicians in this area. Hence this course features several positive aspects that will permit a student to get involved in any city engineering workshop. 2 . GOALS OF THE TRAINING COURSE

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To identify the development materials necessary for the assigned work. Know the dimensions of the simple tests methods of bare cement. Able to take up civil construction performs. [Brick works, Cement work, and so forth ] Know the recovering of concrete slabs. May be able to have up sewage repair performs.

SKILLS TO GET PROVIDED 1 ) 2 . 3. 4. Capable of construct the brick wall surfaces as per technical specs. Able to fabricate R. C. C. beams, columns and so forth Able to have up repairs for numerous roads [Ex. C. C. Streets, Gravel Tracks, etc . ] Able to adopt appropriate curing strategies.


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 1 . 2 . 3. 4. As a great Assistant pertaining to Civil Industrial engineer. As a Builder for Structure of different Properties. Work Inspector for Draftsman Civil in Govt. Departments like R& B, S. R. Mending and repair of water supply and sanitary appurtenances. (Plumber)

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Schemes Of Instruction Per Module Theory Module Hours I Total 72 seventy two Weightage 40 30 Hours 216 216 Weightage seventy 70 Several hours 288 288 Weightage 75 100 In Job Training Total


Schemes Of Instruction Per Week

Module Segments I/II/III

Theory 6 Hours

On the Job Teaching 18 Several hours

Total a day


SYLLABUS The syllabus consists of three modules. The syllabus department is as follows:

MODULE: one particular BASICS OF CREATING CONSTRUCTION Week No . 1 ) Theory On the Job Training

Introduction about the trade. Diverse Engg. Elements used for the trade Stones – Mountain Classification and examples, features and offered places of important pebbles, methods of quarrying of stones.

Safety precautions regarding the control. Identification of numerous materials as well as its properties. Requirement of important stones for several Engg. Functions – Structures, Roads, etc . Usage, houses and accessibility to aggregates.

2 .

Bricks – Ingredients of good brick the planet, description of manufacture of bricks, category of stones Sand – Natural causes of sand, classification of sand, bulking of sand. Concrete – Make up of normal cement, production of concrete, types, real estate and uses of concrete, Terra Cotta – Quick properties and uses of earthenware and stoneware. Stainlesss steel – key properties and types of steel used in building functions, market kinds of steel -- angle parts, channel sections, etc .

Common sizes and general houses of stones, tests in bricks – water ingestion test, crushing strength of bricks. Sieve analysis to get sand, building of sand, percentage of voids in coarse and fine combination. Tests upon Cement – fineness of Cement, Preliminary and last setting times of cement, field tests upon O. S. C. putting and storage of bare cement. Identifying different kinds of metallic rods and calculating the weight of rods every given size, bonding as per drawing, positioning, fixing of main, bent-up bars.


Mortar – Definition, goal types and properties of mortar Concrete floor – Description, purpose, planning of concrete concrete. Assorted materials, properties, uses of paints, varnishes, glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, G. V. C. fittings.

Techniques of mixing mortars. Batching, combining, transporting, lodging and placing of concrete floor – healing of concrete floor, Cube Tests. Painting of wall, prep of glass, doors, repairing of bolts and nut products.



Surveying – Definition, Surveying. Chain Surveying used in Sequence Surveying, Chaining. Plane Table Accessories, Methods of Survey.

Principles Of – Instruments Ranging and Survey – Plane Table

Calculation of areas – Triangulation Survey, CrossStaff Survey. Traversing with airplane table of any small colony.


Progressing – Meaning of terms just like datum, height, benchmark and so forth Dumpy level, Staff – Description....

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