Essay about Dumpster Snorkeling


" Upon Dumpster Diving”-by Lars Eighner, is a history of a man discussing his life staying homeless and just how he came to acquire his livelihood simply by scavenging through dumpsters, or in the author's words; Rubbish Diving. The storyplot begins with Eighner informing us, readers about how having been always captivated by the word dumpster before being homeless and also while staying homeless; just how he forged food, drinks, and other assorted items in public areas dumpsters. Lars Eighner tells us nothing showing how he became homeless, although he tells the life of him great wife (Lizbeth) as Rubbish Divers. From this passage Eighner discusses the topics of shame, and pride. I will write about both of these themes in two separate paragraphs, whilst showing both are relevant to all of us as college students. " Rubbish Diving” talks about many students and how not economical they can be; specially when it is unnecessary. Lars Eighner said, " Students toss food away around destroys because they do not know whether it has ruined or can spoil ahead of they return”. Eighner as well says, " Some pupils, and others, procedure defrosting a freezer by simply chucking out your whole lot”. (Page 22) The story on this man's life is and should be humbling, likewise simultaneously a life lesson for us almost all to follow as one example of how being frugal and appreciate everything we have.


The theme of take great pride in was the 1st topic Eighner discussed when referring to a dumpster diver. " Initially the new scavenger is filled with disgust and self-loathing. He is embarrassed with being noticed and may creep around”. Eighner- (Page 23) The scavenger or rubbish diver can be showing that she or he has pride, although in need they can be conscious of what society may think of these people. Eighner as well speaks of pride within a different sense as well. He shows us that by the refuse of others, the items becoming discarded is also pride inside the ones that contain more than enough. To the readers Eighner shows us their apathy for what they may have and how...

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