Distinctively Visible Essay

п»їDistinctively Visual

The distinctively visual is a prominent characteristic where the composer forms a unique aesthetic perspective pertaining to the fiar to understand. Using a number of techniques and languages, the composer is usually distinctively capable to create radiant and lively visualisations inside their work. The poetry of Douglas Stewart, in particular ‘Lady feeding the cats' and ‘Nesting time' and the image of ‘'Firefighters in twin towers attack'' took pictures of by Jake Maisel are particularly effective. Douglas' poems exclusively portray ordinary people and outsiders at pressing and meaningful moments, activities and reference to nature that creates an image to the visitor the relationship of man and nature and how nature can easily challenge person with its activities. The picture deals with a particular moment in time that captures and conveys the powerful life-changing impact with the 9/11 tragedy and shows devastating and appalling condition to the viewer. These texts not only bring to life others and their experience but visually seek an association with the audience that enhances their own experience through creating an image of the lively visualisations around all of us. The composition, ‘Lady nourishing the cats' by Douglas Stewart is distinctively visual as it issues the reader to maneuver beyond household. The responder is led to reassess how we view persons and places and the assumptions made about them. The poet person does this simply by firstly confirming the preconceived ideas of the girl, the cats and kittens and her physical environment. This is apparent in stanza one through Stewart's make use of visual symbolism; ‘'broken sneakers, slums climate stains'' explaining to the reader the economic standing up of the woman in the world and her physical being because she movements forward to feeding the pet cats. This is sturdy by the sibilance providing a striking visual image of the physical and monetary hardship. Yet , in stanza 3 the lady is described to be knowledgeable about respect by the cats because they get their...

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