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Convert and define the following short-hand. In a brief paragraph, discuss what you would consider the most important facet of each. · AMR



· CMS-1500




· HL7

· ICD-9

· UB-92

AMR– Automated Medical Record – Paper based record with some laptop generated papers A- Computerized

M- Medical

R- Record

Explanation - AMR or Automated Medical Record is defined as an accumulation of electronic health information about a sufferer. It is digital access of your person's information by official users. In simplest terms, instead of having all of an individual's medical record written straight down or kept in storage, the information is definitely stored on a computer. The most crucial aspect of AMR is that a nurse would not have to go through filing cabinets, It can be as simple as imputing a name in the computer, get the record, and printing a copy for the doctor. CMR-CMR – Computerized Medical Record – AMR with all documents digital C-Computerized



Computerized medical records would be the digital edition to affected person medical documents kept in paper files and folders in health care offices (Wisegeek, 2003). Paper medical data are sought and put into electronic medical records. It's the same specific version as the newspaper chart. The main aspect of a CMR (Computer Medical Record) is saving money and time for the service. The center can expand with employing storage space to get retaining medical records. It truly is safe and reliable. A person does not have to stand and look for the paper graph and or chart. It is as simple as using your sensitive mouse and simply clicking the information in the computer. CMS- CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID PROVIDERS


M-Medicare & Medicaid


The middle for Treatment and Medicaid Services gives Medicare, Medical planning, and related quality assurance applications. The most important facet of the CMS is the center provides regulations for Medicare health insurance and Medical planning to the people of...

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