College or High School Composition

High School vs . University

High-quality education is a significant part of everyday life. To accomplish that education, most of the people went through a transition by high school to college, two significant milestones in many people's lives. There are many variations between both of these institutions. A few students may adapt and transit in the life of high school for the life of school without much problems, while others will take years to grasp the differences and cope with that. High school and colleges are both made to instruct, but with variations in terms of classes, responsibility, and cultural life. One of the many differences among college and high school may be the classes on the whole. In high school students attend class for six hours daily for five days. Information is provided mostly through class room discussion and reading that may be assigned. Tasks in senior high school are usually broken down into a step-by-step task. Quizzes are usually given on a each week basis, and tests appear at the end of each chapter. University, on the other hand, includes twelve to eighteen hour school weeks and the classes are split into semesters. There exists more publishing with for a longer time papers and essays, a lot of out-of-class research that is usually required for the library on the students' own time, and few to zero assignments given in class. Compared to high school, there are few quizzes in school and only regarding one test a month that covers much more material. The degree of responsibility is actually a big difference among high school and college. In high school instructors monitor the students' improvement and are more likely to offer clarification when to all of them when it is required. They also take attendance every single day, check students' work frequently, and in brief lecture whilst highlighting the key points. In college professors lecture and expect the students to acquire expertise and information from outside the house reading and library analysis. The students must monitor their particular progress and inquire for logic if...

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