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Clinic Management System for UTeM is a system that can help the clinic to deal with their daily activity. This product help reduce the down sides occur with all the manual system. This system allows doctors and clinic assistant to manage patient records, medicine stock, and appointment and produce studies. The system can be develop as a result of problems that exist when using the manual system. Info inconsistency, data m by with other data and difficulty regarding revealing is the main difficulty that the we

user is facing. As a result of that, this system is develop to conquer the problems. This product is easy and simple to use by the user. Other than that, the system is definitely userfriendly it will help the clinic to manage their very own activity as well as overcome the problem.


Center Management System (CMS) adalah cara yang boleh membantu klinik dalam melakukan aktiviti harian mereka. Sistem ini membantu mengurangkan masalahmasalah yang dihadapi apabila memanfaatkan sistem manual. Sistem di sini. membolehkan doktor dan pembantu k h i t untuk mengurus pendaftaran pesakit, mengurus stok ubat, mengatur temujanji serta menghasilkan laporan. Sistem ini dibangunkan berdasarkan masalah-masalah yang dihadapi semasa menggunakan cara manual. Maklurnat yang gak konsisten, data bercampur dengan data lainnya serta masalah berkaitan penghasilan laporan. Dikarenakan itqsistem ini dibangunkan bagi mengatasi masalah-masalah tersebut. Sistem ini ringkas dan mudah difaharni dengan pengguna Selain itu, sistem di sini. mesra pemilik dan ia boleh mendukung pengurusan klinik dengan lebih berkesan.



1 . 1 Project Background

Clinic management is introduced to optimize clinic's operation. Due to huge changes in management currently, management for clinic is very important due to the broadly spread of technology. This system is suggested for medical clinic in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) to manage the clinic's operation efficiently.

The procedure indeveloping the program include scholar's clinic in UTeM. The region consists of the person in clinic which is doctor and medical center assistant. Essentially there are zero such systems in the medical clinic. The system employ before provides caused a lot of complications to the end user. Due to that, using manual system appears to be the only solutions in taking care of the daily works. The system will help out your user in the clinic in managing the job.

1 . a couple of Problem Statement

Clinic Management System for UTeM is designed for Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). The system is definitely enhanced from the previous program that has

used in the medical clinic. Based on the previous system, the patient who comes to the clinic for the first time is registered with the system. The assistant support the student simply by key in your data into the system. The patient provides the treatment and data regarding the treatment is definitely recorded in the system. The device manages the activities in the medical center. It includes remedies registration, generate report and register new disease and category. From the interview carried out, the previous program has cause problems to the end user. The clinic stop using the system and choosing manual is the best method to get over the problem is available.

For Projek Sarjana Remaja (PSM), Medical center Management System to get UTeM is developed to overcome the down sides. The system features few quests such as individual registration, medicine registration, disease registration and treatment background, patient record search, visit and confirming.

The system has extra features which will display the data regarding BMI (body mass index). BMI will estimate either fat or height for a person is suitable or perhaps not. This can be extra function in the system and the consumer...

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