Case upon Dell Dissertation

Situation Examination


• Certain customer segmentation: Dell provides split the customer into two groups which are relationship clients and deal customers which can be effective to launch ways of target group. • Direct Model: This could be considered as one of many company's greatest assets since it allows customers to customize their laptops. The company treated directly with customer which offers them high end PCs at relatively affordable prices. The market is becoming more educated, and more people want a merchandise that can goal their certain needs which will achieve the two performance and portability.

Some weakness:

• Poor customer care: Since Dell has part the market, that they realized the relationship buyer busy 77% of company's promote, which has make prejudice for the rest portion. And also, Dell is more likely to sell to the educated customer which includes ignored the regular buyers which may cause consumer run off. • Poor efficiency on product differentiation: the reduced price of PCs accustomed to be Dell's main competitive advantage. Yet , it does not have product differentiation to it can competitor that could be a downside in long term as Compaq has keep lower the price.


• Elevating demand for PCs by buyer: The demand pertaining to computers has exceed the supply. Especially the market segments for laptops are growing much faster more than desktops a great chance for Dell to coalition the manufactures to provide large amount in the market to meet the demand. • Internet universalness: Today networks are more and more developed which in turn provide a superb opportunity for Dell to broaden the business on the net as it previously established network service with large customer base in mil novecentos e noventa e seis. The online sales could be 1 successful business development course for Dell.


• Strong competitors: IBM ( the largest most significant information technology corporation in the world and first Computers maker), Compaq(World's largest production of PCs in...

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