Is Mankind Suicidal? Dissertation

I do not think that mankind is suicidal, we merely sometimes fail to realize the long-term results that certain actions have upon our environment. I completely go along with E. O. Wilson when he said, " We are clever enough and possess time enough to avoid every environmental perturbation of civilization-threatening dimensions. ” Basically what he is stating is that we now have the time and capability to stop an environmental catastrophe, however the time to work is now. All of us as a culture need to change our way of thinking in which " the mind works comfortably backward and forward for a few years, comprising a period not really exceeding one or two generations” (Smith 3). We must start thinking ahead and consider four to five generations prior to us instead of two or three. The only way to achieve this is by spreading understanding. We need to begin convincing people who changes must be made at this point in order to maintain our environment. Persons may not pay attention at first, but they will if enough people start to discuss it and it increases momentum. For example, I can keep in mind when the topic of electric automobiles first emerged up in the media regarding ten years or so ago. Previously, people jeered at the idea of an electric car, but now hybrids and non-gasoline powered cars have become a norm in today's eco-friendly world. That is just one single example, but there are many others in which culture doesn't have things critically at first, then again comes to recognize that maybe there is also a problem and we should do something to fix the issue. All we can hope for is that we like a society address these challenges sooner rather than later.

History of Us Environmental Degradtion Essay