Do you know everything you are getting your self into. Essay

Megan Fernandez


11 February 2014


Rhetorical Analysis

" Do you know whatever you are getting your self into? ”(L. 5) Explained by Shiny Theissen, mcdougal of the music, " Getting Into You, ” and also business lead vocalist with the Christian rockband, Relient T. Relient T was formed more than a decade ago in Emplazamiento, Ohio. " Getting Into You” was published on Drive 11, 2003. (( Relient_K) The purpose of this kind of rhetorical examination is to present the meaning at the rear of the argument of " Getting Into You, ” by simply Relient T. If we look at the text such as the purpose, the business and the elements of style in addition to the contexts, then simply we is going to better understand the argument behind, " Stepping into You. ”

The disagreement being examined in this tune is, to live not for you, but for God, and that Our god will not go on what you did, but rather what you do. Lines three and four state, " To live designed for myself/But yet for God, somebody stated, ” and in addition on line 25 he as well says, " You state you will not place what I did but rather what I do you claim. ” Individuals three lines summarize the true meaning with the song, " Getting Into You. ”

The organization of the song has been separated in three components of style, persona, word choice, and duplication. There are two characters in this song, Shiny Theissen and God. From the first collection all the way to the very last, Matt Theissen shares with us his commitment to Goodness. He 1st explains, " When I constructed my mind/and my center along with that/to live not for myself/but yet for God, a person said/do do you know what you have become yourself into”(L. 1-5), then later claims, " I'm getting into you/because you got in my opinion, in a way words can't describe/I'm getting into you/because I've have got to be/you're necessary to survive/ I'm going to love you with my life”(L. 12-17). There are a few choose words that I found had been of importance, " God” and " like. ” Let's assume that when referring to, or to Goodness, it would be done in a formal way. In the song " Getting...

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