Ap Globe History Exploration Paper

Christian Tuccinardi

Every. 6

Relative Essay

In the time period of 1450 to 1850, the politics, social, and economical processes of empire building in the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire were politically comparable in that they will both had been up and coming universe powers, also socially similar in that we were holding both very religious, and economically both have different administrative processes.

Both these empires were see similar because with the breakthrough, and accomplishment of the conquest of South usa, Spain made its status as a superb power. Spanish conquistadors and missionaries helped bring large indigenous empires with their knees during the other side worldwide the Ottoman armies were expanding within the regions encircling the Ottoman circumstances. It was this cure that produced the ottomans a very genuine power on the world levels.

Both equally empires had been socially related because both equally empires had been devotedly spiritual. The Spanish royals had been faithful Catholics while the ottoman sultan was obviously a strict Muslim. Because of their religious natures, a state policy of conversion was adopted simply by both countries. Christian missionaries in the Unites states spread the phrase of god among the fierce, ferocious natives to bring them in the church whilst Islamic representatives would consider Christian young boys from conversion and entry into the ideal Janissary rates. But modified natives frosty look forward to existence as second-class citizens in their own area while Janissary converts power out on to wealth and power in the Ottoman Empire.

The administrative processes of the two empires were economically different from one another theoretically but not generally so in practice. The The spanish language En campienda system although wealthy Spanish nobles and merchants in relatively self-employed control of The spanish language held land, reporting only to the viceroy, who in return reported to the king. The ottomans in an effort to weed out nepotism drew their administrative course. But after in the Kingdoms life...

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