Common App Essay Requirements for Preparation of Good Paper

Writing a decent essay for application to college can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t feel inspired or cannot gather your thoughts. However, proper planning, thorough research, and knowledge of common app essay requirements can assist you to easily compose any essay for college. Essays should commence with a preamble in which crucial theses to allure the reader need to be identified. They are the points of view that you will keep in mind in the fundamental part of your work. Follow the following recommendations to learn how to write an app essay.

Medium of Attention

Suppose, you’ve decided what profession you want to occupy. You’ve compiled a list of educational institutions you want to apply to. The list can be big or small. However, if you have chosen many colleges, you will need to compose more essays and familiarize yourself with common app essay requirements. Do not submit the same essay to every college. There are connections between the institutions and committees might notice that you’re not trying to stand out. Besides, in essays, you need to talk about every college separately explaining why you have chosen this or that establishment as a place for your studies.

Getting Ready to Compose

First, clarify for yourself the essence of the assignment. Even though you may want to thrust yourself in the composition right away, know what you are supposed to do before you open Word blank document. Read the assignment and define what is asked of you, what the size of the text should be, and how many researches you will need to carry out. Several things that you need to know before you go straight to the writing include:

  • Number of words. If your paper should have only 500 words, it will vary from an essay of 2,000 words. Consider the instructions for the size and attempt to invest in it, or at least in 10%. You don’t want to irritate the teacher with too long or too short an essay.
  • How much research you need to do. You may need to thoroughly study some problem or phenomenon. At the core of others, there will be the materials of the course, such as stories and workbooks, on the basis of which it will be required to make your conclusions. Either way, to create a good work, you need to carry out a research of the question to which it is dedicated.
  • If you have any questions, talk with the teacher a few days before the essay should be submitted to clarify the issues that worry you.

Studying the Classification of Compositions

There are a lot of essay kinds that you will have to use in college and you should familiarize yourself with the common app essay requirements and rules of writing to grasp what is required of you. Here are the main types of essays that you should keep in mind:

  • An essay containing reflections. The main objective is to make the audience take your point of view on some issue. For example, if the paper offers reasons why a ban on holding firearms has to be established, this will be an essay-reflection.
  • Essay-analysis. This kind is popular in literary circles and is applied when writing about things dedicated to the study of literary works. You need to read the work and analyze its content, the fundamental theme, the characters, founded on your vision, supplementing it with criticism from the course program on this theme.
  • General survey. The main idea is to describe the process or event in detail, for example, the daily life of students.
  • Scientific analysis. For writing, you need to deeply study the theme to tell the readers the whole story, methods of application, and your position.
  • Comparative essay. Two subjects or phenomena are contrasted to illustrate their similarity or differences. For example, it can be the comparison of the standard of living in Morocco and New York.

Deciding on the Target Readers

Do you write for a teacher, fellow students, pros in the field, or beginners? If you write for specialists, no need to reveal the meaning of the basic notions and you can apply complex terms, but if you write for people who know nothing about the subject, for example, if you write a book review for those who have not yet read it, include more general info about the book in the essay.

If you write about an unfamiliar topic, describe your discoveries in the smallest detail.

Deciding on the Objective of Writing

Do you want to transmit some information, regulate to a particular way, contrast, analyze some phenomena or facts, tell a story, or just entertain? It is crucial to define the objective to find the right statements and reach out to the readers. For example, if your purpose is to put readers against some phenomenon, select the arguments in a logical order to persuade them of their rightness.

  • If you are purposing to analyze a play or a poem, provide the quotes that prove your position.
  • If you compose a comparative analysis, be well aware of the similarities and differences of the subjects discussed in the work.
  • If your main objective is to compose a short message on a subject, you should master it well to be able to cover it for readers.

The Most Common Questions for an App Essay

Once you read all the common app essay requirements, read about what questions and topics are the most popular when writing an essay to college.

Questions can be different, starting with “Tell us about yourself” and ending with “What do you think about the presidency of this or that candidate?” Here is a list of the most frequent questions for the app essay:

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  • Tell us about your most important achievement.
  • How do you spend time after classes? Describe two activities and their importance.
  • Describe the person who influenced you and how.
  • If you could improve one skill or talent, what would it be and why?
  • What course, person, project or book did affect you? How?
  • Describe your future plans.
  • What course would you like to take and how would it help you in the future?
  • Based on your life experience and the experience of your family, what would you like to tell us about yourself?
  • Describe the difficult situation through which you went through.
  • Where did you use leadership qualities?
  • What additional information would you like to inform about yourself?

If you submit documents to 10 universities, this does not mean that you must write 10 different essays. There is a technique called recycling when you simply change the parts of your work, depending on the question you need to answer. For example, one university asks you to write an essay about the experience that has significantly affected you, while another university asks you to tell about the conversation that changed your outlook on life. At first glance, the themes are different, but they are kind of the same. When writing essays, do not bow to one topic, write so that you can change a couple of details and compose an essay for another university.

Answer the Questions, Listening to Yourself

Be yourself. Do not think about what the reception committee would like to see. Select the topics that you can reveal and that matter to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences.

Start with an interesting preamble. You need to start the essay so that you want to read on. For example, you can start with the fact that you are afraid of the sound of weapons. Many will immediately realize that there will be a story about the war or that you have heard the sounds of shooting. You may share the secret, telling about your phobia of dentists. Remember only that the preamble should not be long, you have a limited size of the essay.

Share information about yourself. The essay is a unique opportunity to communicate with the university. Your essay should show what you think, your attitude to life, goals, and you as a person. Focus on yourself.

Write what will be remembered and will attract the reader. Ask the readers questions, share feelings, so that commission staff can feel what you felt.

Use the original language. You need to re-read your essay several times, so that you use interesting words and grammatical structures. Be careful with humor, rarely anyone can use it appropriately.

Show growth and development. Employees of the admission committee want to see how you grew up, when you went through some situation, and how your life has changed. They also evaluate whether you can study at a university. Be sure to write about how you changed and what difficulties passed, what you learned in the process.

Give clear examples. Do not just write that you are the absolute leader. Describe the situation, give examples, where you demonstrated leadership qualities.

Finish your essay so that the person your reading your paper will remember you. You can end your ideas in such a way that they can think about it.

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